BOB 美媒:微信小程序数量破亚洲杯百万,达到苹果应用商店的一半



WeChat reaches 1M mini programs, half the size of Apple's App Store


They may not be widely known outside of China, but Tencent’s mini program initiative to develop “apps” that live outside of app stores is bearing fruit after it clocked two notable landmarks: 200 million daily users and one million apps.


In recent years, Tencent’s WeChat  messaging app has blossomed into a universe of its own with myriad services that span from food delivery to getting loans. But the Chinese messaging app wants to lock users in for longer — and its mini program scheme appears to show promise.


Back in January 2017, Tencent introduced “mini programs,” which are essentially lightweight apps that run inside WeChat. When you need to hail a cab, for example, instead of downloading the standalone Didi Chuxing app, you can summon its mini program on WeChat in the blink of an eye.



WeChat now has over one million such mini programs, Tencent founder and CEO Pony Ma said today at the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, China. (Third-party analytics firm Aladdin mentioned this milestone in a June report.) That makes its ecosystem half the size of the Apple App Store, which recorded 2.1 million apps in April.


Meanwhile, 200 million users are active on WeChat mini programs every day as of August. That’s an impressive number when you consider that China has a total of 800 million internet users.


Developers of all kinds rush to mini programs as they covet WeChat’s one billion monthly active users worldwide. Furthermore, they can be cheaper and easier to build compared to native apps, making them ideal for low-budget startups, independent game developers or services that lack a substantial reach in general.


But they can always be useful for tech’s biggest names. That includes e-commerce titan,  second in China to Alibaba with over 300 million annual users and local services giant Meituan Dianping, which has over 350 million annual users. Both operate mini apps on WeChat.



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